Choose the Right Penny Loafer for You


You can't deny that a pair of G.H. Bass & Co. loafers add a sense of class and elegance to any outfit. 

Hence why today, we would like to help you find the ultimate pair of loafers that is best suited for your style.

1. The Classic Leather

If you’re the kind of person that prefers the simpler things in life, effortless elegance, with a touch of vintage, then, the Weejuns ll Larson Moc is the perfect choice for you. This classic leather look is certainly timeless and has remained the consistent top-selling G.H. Bass & Co. loafers. 

Style does not always have to be complicated, in fact, it should make your personality shine brighter, and what this loafer design says about the person that wears it, is that they know what it means to be classy.

2. Two-Toned Boldness

Daring, and bold. This is what comes to mind when you see the two-toned Weejuns Larson Moc Penny in the colours black and white.

This iconic footwear design is sure to set you apart from the rest because it adds that extra something that you never knew was missing in the beginning.

An alternate version of the two-toned loafer would be the Jetty which comprises threaded details along the side and is available in black/seahorse, chipmunk/navy, and mid brown leather w/navy.

So, whether you decide to opt for the monochromatic two-toned Weejuns Larson Moc Penny or the splash of colour Jetty, both styles say that you are a risktaker when it comes to fashion, and you aren't afraid to try something new.

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3. Whimsical Tassels

Tassels add a sense of playfulness to an otherwise poised look.

Looking at our Monogram Tassel Loafer ll in the colour navy suede, for example, the brown soles contrasted with the navy suede, and the woven detailing around the edges presents this strikingly sophisticated look, yet when we move our eyes to the top, we see this unexpected accessory that can be dressed up or down.

For the gentleman, pair it with light slacks and a summery button-up shirt, and you have a smart yet casual look.

For the ladies, pair your Weejuns Ester Pull Up with a long flowy skirt and simple blouse, and instantly you have that romantic autumn look.

4. Sophisticated Suede

There is something about suede that always gives off a fashionable and sophisticated feel. And this certainly shines through when looking out our suede loafers.

Yet again, G.H. Bass & Co. presents you with a versatile footwear design. The Weejuns Larson Reverso is the ultimate design that will compliment your outfit from morning to night.

When pairing it with a simple pair of slacks and a blazer, you’ve got the perfect neat and composed look. On the other hand, suede paired with plaid print makes for a trendy combination.

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5. Detailed Tie Ups

For those that enjoy the comfort a loafer provides, but still prefer a lace detail, then a design such as the Weejuns Tie was made for you.

This look works well with the dark academia fashion style. Think sweater vests, shades of brown, black, maroon, tweed jackets, pleated skirts, and the like.

If you identify with this fashion style, then you’ll need a pair of Weejuns Tie to complete the look.

It is all about the details – which is why G.H. Bass & Co. has a wide selection of loafer styles to suit anyone and everyone. Whether you’re the classic gentleman, or the younger, trendier fashion enthusiast, you can certainly find something perfect for you from G.H. Bass & Co.

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Very nice shoes.