Different Types of Leather


We have all heard about the rule that footwear is an investment, so it is recommended to invest in high-quality footwear.

In saying that, leather has been known to be the popular choice. Its timeless elegance, durability, and comfort is the reason that many people opt to spend that extra sum because they know they are receiving something worthwhile. 

However, if this is your plan of action, you will probably want to do your research, because believe it or not, there is a variety of leather materials, and of course, each requires different cleaning methods. 

In this blog, we focus on the three main types of leather that our timeless Weejuns are made from.

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1. Suede

Suede is a softer type of leather and can be easily identified by its napped surface.

It has a velvety appearance and is often used for more, upscale fashion items. Due to its delicate feel and appearance, it may give off the impression that it is not durable, however, this is not the case. With the proper care and storage methods, it can be exceptionally durable.
Suede leather cannot be polished. Instead, it is best to use a suede brush, brushing in the same direction while dry, to remove dirt.

Stains can be removed using a suede eraser and brush, and a stain-removing product may be required in cases of stubborn stains. As a precaution, your suede footwear can be treated with a stain-repellent spray to prevent damage.

Our range of Weejuns includes a few suede options, such as:

  • The Weejuns Larkin, available in dark brown suede and black suede, contains a stylish tassel on the face.
  • The Weejuns Venetian Suede has more of a classic loafer look, allowing the luxurious suede to stand out.
  • The Weejuns Palm Springs Lincoln Reverso is available in tan suede, dark brown suede, and navy suede. This style has an ornamental design on the face, giving it an extra bit of sophistication.

2. Smooth Leather

Smooth leather is a type of leather that has been treated to remove any texture or grain and instead has an even finish.

In order to create smooth leather, any impurities or irregularities must be removed from the surface of the hide. This can be achieved through a combination of tanning, dying, splitting, and polishing.

Unlike suede, smooth leather requires polishing. This material is less delicate compared to suede, therefore making it easier to keep clean. The surface can be wiped off with a damp cloth and it will not be damaged. 

However, because smooth leather is more prone to drying out, it is wise to invest in a conditioner for your footwear to ensure that you replenish the natural oils in the leather.

If you find that smooth leather is better suited to your taste, then these are the top Weejuns for you:

  • The Seafarer comes in a range of colours and contains a unique, shoelace detailing along the rim, giving off a slightly nautical style.
  • The Weejuns Larson Brogue is a gorgeous, smooth leather design. With its intricate brogue detailing along the rim, this is yet another classic footwear style.

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3. Lizard Leather

Lizard Leather falls into the category of exotic leather since this is not the typical animal hide used for leather products. Typically, leather is produced from cowhide, calfskin, pigskin, goatskin, etc.

Additional examples of exotic leather include crocodile leather, snake leather, and ostrich. Often, these leathers are associated with luxury because of their unique, textured patterns.

And of course, our Weejuns Lincoln Lizard is no exception! Available in chocolate leather or black leather, this footwear style is sure to make you stand out and add that sense of opulence to your outfit.

Overall, leather stands as a timeless material that effortlessly complements a wide range of fashion styles. Especially in the realm of footwear, prioritising durability and comfort is paramount.

Therefore, it is best to invest wisely in your choice. Take the time to decide which type of leather best complements your wardrobe. Browse through our extensive collection of Weejuns, and you are sure to discover the perfect pair that fits your style and comfort preferences!

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