From the Office to the Weekend: Versatile G.H.BASS Shoes for Any Occasion


Living in this fast-paced world, many of us seek to simplify life as much as possible. And, one of the many ways we do that, is through our fashion. See, we try and curate items that can seamlessly transition from day to night, thereby eliminating the tedious need to stop at home and change between events.

Well, if you’re looking to speak to an expert to gain some advice on this, then who better, than an iconic footwear brand, that has mastered the art of timeless footwear for over a century? Bold of us to say? Well, perhaps you’ll change your mind once you get a glimpse into the endless outfit possibilities you have when you pair G.H.BASS Footwear with it!

1. The Classic Loafer

No matter what anyone says, you can never go wrong with a classic loafer such as the Weejuns Venetian in the colour black leather. This sleek, sophisticated design perfectly compliments professional, workwear fashion, however, it also seamlessly transitions into a smart casual look.
If you are wearing trousers, a shirt, a tie, and a blazer for work. Then simply ditch the tie, and blazer, and just like that you are ready for a night out.

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2. Comfy Canvas

Perhaps you prefer a less dressy, but still fashionable footwear design. Then, our canvas footwear is the option for you. With colours such as navy, or tan, the Graduate Brooks II Drill is your ideal, year-round footwear. Not only does this style look fantastic when paired with a pair of chinos, but put it together with jeans and you have a casual yet fashionable look.

3. Fashion Forward Suede

If you like to be a little bit more daring with your wardrobe, then our suede designs are ideal for you. The Weejuns Larson Suede, available in black suede or dark brown suede look good with several fashion styles. Picture this, chinos, a polo neck, and a smart blazer/jacket paired with the dark brown suede Weejuns Larson.

Want something a little more dressed up? Then perhaps black tapered trousers, a white button-up shirt, a waistcoat, and a long black coat, paired with the Weejuns Larson in black suede.

4. Elegant Ornamentals

Do you pay attention to the finer details? Then this next design is certainly the footwear for you. With its subtle ornamental design and unique lizard leather pattern, the Weejuns Lincoln Lizard adds that extra something to any outfit. Just imagine this footwear paired with cream straight-leg trousers, and a linen blend button-up shirt to match. Thereby allowing the textured lizard leather material to stand out.

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5. Unique Colours

We’ve talked about the various designs, but, what about the very many unique colours that G.H.BASS Footwear come in? Take, for instance, the Weejuns Larkin Moc Tassel in dark green leather—a shade so distinct that it exudes a bold and confident statement when worn. On the other hand, the Weejuns Logan Two Tone, combining wine and black leather, adds a captivating touch of sophistication and a pop of colour to your overall ensemble. With its versatile loafer cut, this design effortlessly transitions from formal events to a fun night out.

Fashion knows no boundaries, and with our diverse footwear range, you have the power to curate a style that truly reflects your essence. As we've unveiled the many styling possibilities, it's your time to play around with different styles. Embrace the thrill of trying new combinations, blending the elegant and the casual, and expressing your unique flair. From day to night and every occasion in between, our footwear is your canvas to paint your style masterpiece.

Who knows, your daring choices might just spark the next fashion trend!

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