His & Hers Date Night Outfits


What better way to enjoy the beautiful, warm, summery month of February, than with some quality time with your significant other? Sometimes, we all need a fun activity, where we can get all dressed up, and let our hair loose for a bit.

That’s why, we bring to you, 4 style inspirations for date night this month!

1. The Sophisticated Gentleman

If you are planning on treating your partner to a lovely evening of fine dining, then you would certainly want to dress the part! Begin with your trousers.

If you are feeling daring, then pick something with a pattern, perhaps plaid, tweed, or windowpane. Otherwise, a plain black pair will always do!

Next up, a smart button-up shirt which you could wear on its own, but if the evening is feeling a bit too breezy, then certainly pair this with a smart dinner jacket.

For that extra something, slip on a pair of the Weejuns Ornament in black leather. This loafer style provides that sleek, sophisticated look for an evening out, whilst still giving you something extra with that ornamental detail.

Finally, finish off your look with a statement watch to match, and dazzle your date with this dashing ensemble.

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2. The Chic Lady

For our chic ladies, we know you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to enjoy an evening out, perhaps to a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, with your loved one. Now is the perfect opportunity because we have some outfit tips.

Ever heard the saying, nothing beats a little black dress? Well, how about a beautiful, form-fitting maxi black dress, together with a simple chain necklace, tube hoop earrings, and your favourite ring or two?

To elevate this style, a slicked-back hair look will do just fine! Think slicked-back low bun or even a ponytail.

For footwear, ditch the heels, and instead opt for something that is both stylish and comfortable, such as our Weejuns WMN Penny.
Lastly, grab your date night black purse, and you are ready for an evening filled with good food and warm company.

3. The Smart Casual Man

Perhaps your idea of a date night is a little bit more laid back, such as an outdoor picnic, or a night at the movies.

In that case, you can still look smart, but keep your overall look relaxed.
Firstly, a mid-length pair of shorts, perhaps in a neutral colour such as beige or tan will be ideal. Pair this with a short sleeve button-up shirt – a white linen blend would be the ideal choice for this! However, if you don't have that, then a soft, slightly loose-fitting white button-up shirt will work as well. The key for this look is to not button the shirt all the way, leave the first one or two buttons undone.

Finally, the last ingredient for this outfit is a pair of our Weejuns Venetian in the colour reverso papaya. And there you have, a look that is still smart, yet relaxed enough for a fun date outdoors.

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4. The Summery Woman

Now, there are many ways to create a summery, and romantic look for those dates that require a more relaxed feel.
The first option is to pick out your favourite, flowy, and floral dress and pair it with the Weejuns Ester Pull Up. This is probably the easiest look to create.

However, if you don’t have a dress like the one described, you can still find pieces in your closet to create the same feel. Begin by picking out a skirt, we recommend a long skirt, that is either a silk bias cut style, or a long wrap skirt.

For the top, you'll want to pick a blouse that is loose as well, such as an off-the-shoulder top with a boho sleeve, or a blouse with a butterfly sleeve, because this will create that soft and romantic look.

Once again, the Weejuns Ester Pull Up would work perfectly with this outfit because the tassel on this design really complements the outfit as a whole.

Now that you have the style inspiration, it’s time to order yourself a pair of G.H.BASS Weejuns, and start planning those dates for some quality time with your loved one!

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