How To Dress From The Feet Up


Are you the kind of person that loves their footwear? Whenever you get a new pair, are you excited because you get to add it to the collection?

If yes, then this is the blog for you, because we’ll be discussing how to plan an outfit according to your footwear.

1. Colour

The colour of your footwear plays an important role in planning an outfit, because, for bright colour choices, you'll want it to pop, however, for a more subtle colour choice, you'll want it to complement the overall look.

For example, the Jetty II Boater Nubuck Combi in the colour tan nubuck/dark brown/nicotene sole, the colours on this style should certainly be allowed to steal the show, and in order to accomplish that, you'll want to pair in with beige slacks, perhaps a white or cream shirt, and a small accessory such as a watch, bracelet, or hat to bring out the tan nubuck colour.

The same can be said for the Weejuns WMN Penny in the colour navy & white leather, as this two-toned penny loafer was made to be the main attraction. Pair it with a form-fitting dress, and perhaps even a voguish hat such as a fedora or beret, and just like that you've got a stylish outfit with a little bit of oomph.


2. Material

The material sets the tone of your outfit. Are you going formal, beachy, artsy, and so on, all of this can be determined by the material of your shoe.

Think of a leather shoe, and the kind of feeling it gives off. You might associate leather with confidence and boldness, and when thinking of footwear specifically, then leather certainly gives off a formal look. Take our Weejuns Venetian in black leather, for example, this classic look would pair very well with a suit, or formal slacks and a shirt.

On the other hand, the Scholar Stanford Mid Suede is ideal for an academic look. Pair it with plaid, or slacks and a sweater vest and this would create the ultimate smart, academic look.


3. Detail

Tassels, buckles, laces, braided stitching, all of the details play a role in the overall look of your outfit. How so? Because when it comes to fashion, every detail counts.

Take tassels as an example, especially when factoring in the tone that colour and material give off, a brown leather penny loafer with tassels makes for the ultimate cottage core fashion look. The Weejuns Ester Pull Up is perfect for this look, pair it with Autumn colours, long flowy dresses and skirts, or billowing blouses, and you got an effortlessly elegant look.

For the men, a penny loafer with ornamental details, such as the Weejuns Lincoln Lizard would work superbly for a monochromatic or e-boy aesthetic. Picture pairing this footwear with black tapered slacks, perhaps with a windowpane pattern, together with a form-fitting high-neck black sweater, and a plain chain to match the detail on the Weejuns. The subtle matching of the chain details creates a fashion-forward look with a dash of classiness.

Now, you never need to be stuck when it comes to choosing your footwear for your outfit. The secret is to dress from the feet up, pick your footwear first and let them decide what aesthetic you are going for that day.

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