The Rhythm of a True Gentleman


In our ever-changing world, with trends evolving and emerging, one thing remains as a true beacon of charisma and charm: knowing how to move on the dance floor.

Knowing how to dance transcends the mere appearance of sophistication. One could say that it epitomises the qualities of a true gentleman. Not completely convinced? Read on to learn why and how the art of dance could benefit you.

The History Behind Dance

Dance has been an integral part of human culture since ancient times and formed a part of many different rituals and practises. In certain cultures, dance was a spiritual practice, and was often exercised during ritualistic ceremonies.

Over time, this art form evolved, encompassing many different traits and styles. Modern society has paved the way for this art form to make its way into many different parts of our lives such as social gatherings, and even competitive sports.

Cultural Dance

What Are The Benefits of Knowing How To Dance?

1. Physical Health

It is no secret that dance is a great way to get some exercise into your daily routine.

Much like learning any other new sport, you will find that you use muscles that you’ve never used before. Physical benefits include improved heart health, lung health, endurance, motor fitness, and muscular strength.

2. Improved Coordination

As much as it challenges the body, dance also challenges the mind. Learning new steps, and dance routines works on your motor skills, which in turn improves coordination.

3. Stress Reliever

It may not seem like a stress reliever at first, especially for beginners who claim to have ‘two left feet’. But, once you learn the basics and get the hang of how to move to different beats and rhythms, you may come to find that you are enjoying yourself.

And once you begin to have fun, this is when it begins to relieve stress.


4. Social Skills

In many historical societies, dance has been symbolic of refinement, sophistication, and charisma. It was a way to showcase to audiences that you are well-practised in this skill, and this spoke of one’s status.

What Makes Dance A Gentleman’s Skill?

Dance is one of those skills that is often overlooked when discussing gentleman traits. However, it is an art that embodies eloquence, confidence, and charm.

Moreover, you never truly realise how useful this skill is until you are in a situation that may require dancing. Birthday parties, weddings, work functions, charity events - many occasions occur regularly, and these are the perfect instances to command the room with your skills.

In fact, one could argue that many characteristics of dancers are synonymous with the traits of a gentleman, such as:

  • Poise and confidence: a gentleman exudes confidence, and what better way to display this confidence than on the dance floor?
  • Respect: dancing is a social skill, and a true gentleman knows when to lead, and when to respectfully follow.
  • Adaptability: different rhythms and beats require different moves, and a gentleman knows exactly how to adapt to the current situation.
  • Communication: dance is about communicating with your partner, without actually saying anything, but rather being in tune with each other's moves. As such, a gentleman knows how to convey his messages through action and foster meaningful connections.
  • Timeless Elegance: much like a well-tailored suit or a finely crafted pair of G.H.BASS Weejuns, the art of dance exudes timeless elegance.

Formal Elegant

All in all, if you have always avoided the dance floor, perhaps now is the perfect time to begin your journey. Captivate rooms, exude confidence, and radiate elegance as you flawlessly move to the rhythm. And if you've ever believed that you have two left feet, simply slide on a pair of G.H.BASS leather loafers, and watch as the rhythm finds you instantly.

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