Three Looks, One Weejuns


Ever wondered how one pair of Weejuns could be so versatile? Matching a number of outfits and styles? Today, we show you exactly how to do this!

Our contender for this style inspiration: the Weejuns Ornament in black leather. This design offers you the classic feel of the Weejuns, but with a dash of something extra – an ornamental design. This extra touch makes the design a little more unique, and also, much more fun to play around with when conceptualizing different outfit styles.

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1. Sophisticated With A Bit Of Edge

Probably one of the most popular looks for men at the moment is the monotone, sophisticated outfit with that extra touch.

To create this look, you'll need a pair of black tapered trousers, and the kind with the windowpane print is a bonus. Then, pair this with a plain top, a black button-up shirt, or a black t-shirt, as well as the Weejuns Ornament.

Once you have this base, it’s time to accessorize. Add a chain and perhaps a statement belt to tie in with the ornamental design of the Weejuns. Additionally, if you are a ring kind of person, then we certainly recommend accessorizing with that as well.

2. Simple, Yet Classy

This look was made to ensure that you can still look good, whilst putting in minimal effort. The simple, yet classy look is ideal because it does not take too much forethought, but rather, it follows the "less is more" philosophy.

For this look, you'll want to choose a simple pair of trousers. This means a beige chino or even a good-fitting pair of jeans. Pair this with a black slim-fit t-shirt, and a smart statement jacket if the weather permits.

Lastly, slip on your Weejuns, and instantly, you’ve got an effortlessly classy look.

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3. Bold And Artsy

The bold and artsy look is perfect for those daring and fashion-forward people. If you like to experiment with patterns, colours, and materials, then we recommend trying out this look.

And, ladies, we know that this footwear is a men’s shoe, but you know what they say “if the shoe fits” then why not wear them?

To create a bold and artsy look, dig deep into your wardrobe, and find the brightest, most patterned sweater you own. We know that it is buried deep because you probably loved this sweater, but never knew how to wear it. Pair it with high-waisted jeans, add a big belt, and slip on your Weejuns.

And just when you thought you wear done, we have one more recommendation. If there was ever a time to be daring with fashion, it is certainly when you are creating a bold look. So, pick out a black wide-rim hat, and finally, you have your finished look.

See how three, completely different fashion styles can still work with one pair of footwear? That is why the versatility of the Weejuns is unmatched because, with this one pair of footwear, you can create different looks during the week instead of sticking to one fashion aesthetic.

Now, this does not only work for the Weejuns Ornament, but it could also work for a number of our G.H.BASS designs. Simply browse through our selection, pick out a design that speaks to you, and have fun matching it up with different fashion styles.

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