Top 5 Tips for Function Wear


Have you ever been in a situation where you have an event to attend, but you have no idea what to wear?

You look at your invite and see a dress code that leaves you wondering what this means. Luckily for you, in today’s blog, we’ve done our research to provide you with all the fashion tips you will need for functions.

1. Understanding Dress Codes

Once you receive your invitation to an event, the first thing you should do is check if a dress code has been specified. It should say something along the lines of formal, business, cocktail, and the like.

Make sure you understand what the stipulated category means, Pinterest may be useful here. 

Semi-Formal: The best way to understand semi-formal, is to think about it as one step dressier than casual or office wear. This means that it is appropriate for women to wear slacks and men to wear chinos, however, a full tuxedo and evening gown is not required. 

Formal or black tie: This dress code means that you should bring out your fancy attire. Men should be in tuxedos or suits and women should opt for knee-length or full-length gowns. Accessories are a great addition to this dress code, simple necklaces, earrings, and for men cufflinks. 

White tie: Now, it might be unlikely that a dress code would be stipulated as white tie, mainly because this dress code is the most formal out of all. Think tiaras, coats with tails, full-length ball gowns, and the like. For a white tie event, this would certainly be the opportunity to dress up like a prince or princess.

Matric Balls: Despite what many people might say about matric ball attire, the fact remains that this is your one night to celebrate a huge milestone– and that means wearing your dream outfit. So, if that means a full-length Met Gala style gown or sleek black tuxedo, then absolutely go for it. 

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2. Look at Location

The location of the event you are attending will certainly play a role in what you decide to wear. Consider weddings that take place outdoors as an example. Although this is a formal event, typically wearing floral patterns, flowy dresses, and pastel shirts would be quite fitting. High heels are also not necessary, especially if you’re dealing with walking on a beach. Whereas, for indoor events, you would perhaps opt for something a little more sophisticated, with a pair of heels and even leather Weejuns.

3. Time of Day

As a general rule, for functions that take place during the evening, it is always safer to choose a dressier outfit. Ladies, you can seldom go wrong with a black dress and heels. Men could perhaps wear a button-up shirt with a blazer or smart jacket, and again, the footwear makes all the difference. Avoid sneakers, for an evening function, it is much more fitting to select a boot or Penny Loafer.

4. Function Theme

Themes can either be incredibly fun or the bane of our existence – it really just depends on how much one likes to dress up. Many popular themes sound open-ended, such as, “dress festive”, “fancy dress”, “dress to impress” and so on. In this case, use this as an opportunity to have fun with your look. Select that bold splash of colour, wear that floral shirt you’ve been holding onto, but most importantly, wear what makes you feel good.

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5. The Fail-Safe

Finally, if all else fails and you still feel unsure of what to wear, then we have the ultimate fail-safe:

A pair of G.H.BASS Footwear. Yes, what makes or breaks an outfit is indeed the footwear you decide to wear. If you opt for something too casual, suddenly your whole look is dampened down, whereas a smarter footwear option instantly elevates your look. G.H.BASS Penny Loafers or Weejuns are the ideal footwear choice for dressing up and down. Designs such as the Weejuns Venetian adds a sense of sophistication like no other. On the other hand, a design such as the Monogram Tassel Loafer II perfectly complements a smart casual look.

Moreover, Weejuns and Penny Loafers are ideal for long-wearing comfort. Think about the instances of weddings, for many cultures, the wedding ceremony is quite long, so you certainly want to ensure that your feet remain comfortable. In many instances, certain brides and grooms are required to remove their footwear for wedding ceremonies, and what could be more ideal than an easy-to-slip-on G.H.BASS Penny Loafer? Furthermore, do you plan on dancing the night away during your matric farewell? Then we certainly recommend the Weejuns Larson Moc Penny, after all, this design was good enough for the ‘King of Pop’.

Now that you’ve learnt all about dress codes for functions, and our clever footwear hack, it’s time for you to pick out a pair of G.H.BASS Footwear that is guaranteed to save any look.

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