What Loafer Finish Would You Choose?


Loafers come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and of course, finishes. What do we mean by finish?

We are referring to the extra design elements that you see on top of your loafers. It is that little something extra, which sets your G.H.BASS footwear apart from the rest.

And there are many different finish designs, that suit a number of fashion styles!


Tassels on loafers always add a sense of whimsy, and softness to any outfit.
Our Weejuns Larkin is the prime example of this, with this footwear style available in soft black suede and dark brown suede, and its simple tassel falling stylishly on the apron front. This footwear style would work perfectly with a smart, yet laid-back outfit.

On the other hand, the Weejuns Larkin Brogue in black leather provides a more stylish and sleeker look. This style has a more definite and dramatic tassel, with stylish brogue perforation treatment on the tassels and apron front. Overall, this is a footwear style that is perfect for adding a little bit of fun to your smart casual look.


The ornamental finish on a loafer makes a statement.
It gives off a very sophisticated and elegant feel. Take our Weejuns Ornament in black leather as an example. This footwear style would work perfectly with that English vintage look. Think tweed pants, newsboy caps, waistcoats, Albert chains, and a long coat.

Or perhaps, you want to create more of a summer sophisticated look, then the Weejuns Palm Springs Lincoln Reverso is the ultimate choice. This style, made from suede fabric, is available in three different colours, and the ornamental finish is a little bit more subtle compared to that of the Weejuns Ornament. To create a look with this footwear style, consider an Italian inspired look, the floral shirt, pressed trousers, and of course, the signature Borsalino fedora.


Some of us don’t need any extra pizazz, which is why we have loafer designs with a neat and clean finish.

Our Weejuns Venetian is the perfect example of this. This truly captures the classic Weejuns look, with the braided detail around the top face edges, the neat stitching overall, and the classic clean face.

Of course, this classic footwear style would complement an elegant suit. Alternatively, black slacks, a black button-up shirt, a black tie, and a statement colour blazer such as maroon, or light grey.


Now, when considering our G.H.BASS Weejuns with lace details, there are two very different designs that give off completely different styles.
The Weejuns Tie, for example, has a look that is different from the standard Weejuns design. With more material around the ankle area, and intricate braided stitching around the face, this design gives off quite the academic feel. To style this footwear, think beige slacks, a long sleeve button-up shirt, a knitted vest, a tie, and of course, a blazer.

However, the Jetty II Boater Nubuck Combi gives off a completely different feel. This style comes in three different colours and is made from Nubuck material. The lace detail is not your regular lace-ups, but instead, it is woven along the rim of the shoe and meets in a criss-cross pattern on top. This footwear design is ideal for a smart-casual look. Think, of a summer day, and walking along the pier. Pair it with a knee-length chino and a golf t-shirt, then you are good to go!

Now that you’ve learned about all the different finishings on our Weejuns, which design do you prefer best? Get yours today, and begin creating those classic, elegant outfits this season.

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