What To Wear To Horse Races: The G.H.BASS Fashion Guide


The thrill of the race, the excitement of the crowd, and the chance to witness champions in action – horse racing events offer a unique blend of sport and social gathering.

And, where there's a social gathering, there's fashion! But, where did this tradition of dressing up for horse races originate? In this blog, we’ll delve into the history of dressing up for horse racing, and we also chat to Morné from Morné Originals, to learn more about his experience in the fashion industry.

The Origins of Horse Racing Fashion:

The tradition of dressing up for horse racing dates back centuries, when it was synonymous with the elite class. It served as a display of wealth and status, with ladies in intricate gowns and gentlemen in tailored suits.

As horse racing grew in popularity, it became a social event for everyone, a chance to mingle and enjoy the sport. Today, extravagant fashion at these events remains, though now, it's an opportunity for personal style and creativity.

Morné Originals: Fashion With A Personal Touch:

1. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the fashion industry?

Fashion wasn't my first choice for a career. I came from an art background at school, so when I stumbled into art school, I found that I was drawn to fashion. Thereafter, I qualified at PE Technikon and worked in fashion retail for a few years while designing. Finally, I took the bold step of opening my own studio.


2. What sets Morné Originals apart from other fashion brands?

I am very out there and love challenges and exploring. So, when clients approach me for a garment, I like to work with the look and feel that they are going for. Also, I am very realistic about budget, body shape, what can and cannot be done. Hence, my expertise, together with the client’s vibe, is what allows for my designs to be different from the rest.

3. What do you love most about this industry?

Every day and every client, is different.

Some days are amazing, but I won’t sugarcoat it—some days are seriously awful. That’s life. Nothing is always easy, but if you acknowledge that, you’ll be better off.
I am also grateful for a fantastic team and for the privilege of making client dreams a reality.
Being talented is one thing, but being considerate of our clients, is equally important. Fulfilling their wishes and seeing their smiles as they watch the process and garments come together, is truly rewarding.


4. What do you think are the must-have fashion items or trends for Durban July this year?

This year’s theme is so interesting because you can literally be yourself and Ride the Wave of anything... sound, colour, history of fashion, waves of nature, life.

Expression of Self is going to be front and centre this year, I think as we have all been riding waves of emotions and challenges since COVID 19.

A Fabulous hat, stunning shoes and an energetic, vibrant personality and attitude will go a long way. The right colour and right attitude make for a great party.


5. What fabrics or materials do you think work best for Durban July outfits, considering the climate and atmosphere of the event?

Soft flowing silky fabrics, sheers and light weight breathable textures and materials that have stacks of movement and flow. For gents, breathable suits, natural fibres, and of course colours and patterns galore.


6. What advice do you have for attendees who want to make a statement with their fashion choices at Durban July?

Dream, do it and go for it, because why not? Be bold, be yourself and embrace who you are. Wear the outfit and let it wear you!

7. How do you stay updated on current fashion trends and ensure that your designs remain relevant and fresh?

I research social media platforms, watch international shows on YouTube, and read international magazines like Vogue, Harpers & Queen, Tatler, and GQ. I follow style influencers and observe the streets of London, Paris, Asia, and the Scandinavian countries. There are many up-and-coming fashion weeks around the world these days.

8. How do you think G.H. BASS footwear complements high fashion outfits?

Hugely - it is of such a high standard and quality, also timeless but evolving with time, to adapt to what’s happening in fashion and footwear, but still remaining classic and stylish. Such beautiful shoes that they could be passed down years later - if taken care of and looked after correctly and with love.


9. Are you enjoying your footwear?

I LOVE them, they are so comfortable and spruce up any outfit! Whether you are wearing smart attire, casual jeans, or tailored shorts for drinks – they match anything. Timeless elegance!


Plan Your Durban July Outfit

Now that you have the tips, what will you be wearing to this year's Durban July? With such an open theme, this is your chance to be as creative as possible. While planning your outfit, remember that comfortable footwear makes all the difference.

So, grab your pair of G.H. BASS shoes and revel in a timeless, elegant look!

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