Who Is The G.H.BASS Wearer?


If you're a fan of classic, timeless footwear, then chances are you're familiar with the iconic brand G.H.BASS. For over 20 years, customers have been wearing their stylish, quality shoes, and many of them keep coming back for more. 

This is because our footwear designs cannot be confined to fit into one box. Much like the different personalities of our G.H.BASS fashion icons, each of our footwear styles has its own personality, that would suit a wide range of styles.

But who exactly is the G.H.BASS customer? We decided to take the question to the very people who deal with our G.H.BASS wearers on a daily basis – our retailers.

Here’s what they had to say!

1.) Does the G.H.BASS wearer stay loyal to the brand?

We have customers that have been wearing the brand for over 20 years, this customer usually goes for the same/similar styles such as our tassel loafers.” – Yogi at C Khoosal Tailors & Outfitters, Johannesburg.

We have been in business for the past 40 years and only stock upmarket/exclusive brands. We have seen that the G.H.BASS customer doesn't compromise on quality, they do not want the rubber outsole for G.H.BASS. Instead, they only buy leather outsole footwear. The older customer will opt for your conservative styles, such as our Alfonso/Leonardo, and dress them in a smart-casual outfit. Our G.H.BASS customer is loyal, they buy for longevity and to be exclusive” – Brent at Lucky’s Mans Shop, King Williams Town.

G.H.BASS is selling to a trend-conscious younger consumer, seeking a quality shoe, which sets them apart from the crowd and emphasizes their unique sense of style and class.” – Ryan Anderson, from Ryan Anderson Agencies, Eastern Cape Representative.

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2.) What are the typical age groups wearing this footwear?

"Our usual customers buying the Weejuns are mostly teenagers. Their parents purchase the footwear for them for occasions." – Kamlesh at American Clothing, Cape Town.

Our younger customer wears the footwear for many years. Initially, they purchase the footwear for initiation school, and then later they will use them for casual, everyday wear. They usually pair it with chinos/jeans.” – Zuko from Knight’s Shoes, Grahamstown.

"Although we do sell to the younger consumer, mainly, our customer is the middle-aged guy who is bold and loves experimenting with the different colours available for G.H.BASS Footwear. Because of the customers’ outgoing style trend, they mainly purchase the footwear for everyday use.” – Bandish at Bob’s Men Shop, Pretoria.

3.) Is there a trend amongst the different ethnic groups of South Africa?

We get quite a few Indian customers, young and old. We found that the younger ones usually buy the brand for occasions, such as matric balls. We even have Zulu customers who style the footwear both casually and formally – they mostly go for the Tassel loafers.” – Yogi at C Khoosal Tailors & Outfitters, Johannesburg.

Our mature customers are typically Muslim, and they tend to opt for the Weejuns or boat shoes (late 30’s – late 40’s)” – Kamlesh at American Clothing, Cape Town.

Occasionally we get the white customer, this is usually a customer that was in London (European look and feel) – so shorts, shirt/golf shirt would be their way of styling our Weejuns.” Kamlesh at American Clothing, Cape Town.

There are two to three groups of gentlemen that purchase G.H.BASS footwear from us. The scholar for their matric farewell, the Xhosa gentleman who has just come back from initiation school, and the mature gentleman, but this customer is not a regular. Their style is a mix between semi-formal and formal.” – Reggie at Bad Street Boyz, Gqeberha.

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4.) Where is the G.H.BASS wearer wearing their footwear?

Our older customer buys for daily wear (formal wear and office wear), age about late 30s – late 40s” – Dave at S&K Showroom, Johannesburg.

We found that G.H.BASS footwear is very popular in summer/warm seasons” – Kamlesh at American Clothing, Cape Town.

They usually buy the footwear for formal functions. However, for the younger market, G.H.BASS Footwear is mostly seasonal footwear.” – Suresh at Fashion Police, Gqeberha.

From this market research we conducted, it is so clear to see that there is no single answer to "Who is the G.H.BASS wearer?". We have people from all walks of life, diverse ethnicities, a range of ages, and each encompassing unique fashion styles. So, there couldn’t possibly be one definite answer to this question.

But, even though our client base is so extraordinarily diverse, they have one thing in common:
Their love for the brand.

Many of them don't just buy their footwear for everyday use – they buy them because they have a genuine appreciation for the quality and style that G.H.BASS is known for. It's this love and loyalty that has kept the brand going strong for so many years.

Therefore, whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the brand, there's something about G.H.BASS that appeals to a wide range of people – and that's what makes it such an enduring classic.

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